Anniversary illustration

An illustrated portrait that was commissioned for an anniversary.


The royal dog

Practicing, acrylics on paper.

Sylvana & Shifra


Illustrated portait of animal and nature photographer Sylvana van der Pluijm with her horse Shifra.

Motocross concept work




Concept art and character designs for a project I worked on during my internship at the Ambassadors, in April.



Characters I designed for a film that is still in the making.


In April I worked on a promotion film for Fairphone. It’s the first fair trade phone, which I think is a great initiative. There’s a lot more to it, so if you’re interested you can read more on their website:
I worked on the animated parts of the film, for which I did most of the design. I designed and animated the rainbow scene and I created the character design for the fairphone mascotte.

Here are some images of the concept work I did:




Lay’s Deep Ridged

Some of the design work that I did for the Lay’s Deep Ridged commercial, while I was working for the Ambassadors. I created the character design that was used to make the final 3D character.




Here’s the finished commercial:

The Ambassadors DNA Showreel Intro & Outro

In February I started my internship at the DNA (design & animation) department of the Ambassadors, where I’ll be staying until the end of this month.
I’ve been working on several projects, mostly on the designs.
For the new Ambassadors DNA showreel, I created an intro and outro. I made these from concept to final animation.

You can view the complete showreel of the Ambassadors DNA here: