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A little gif of the weather we’ve been facing the last few weeks.

I first drew every part on paper with a mix of different materials, then I scanned everything, put it together and animated it digitally.


Kriterion Amsterdam

Another screening of Bears on the Road!

Next week, October 15th, my film Bears on the Road will be screened at Kriterion in Amsterdam along with 3 other shorts! It’s part of a themed screening, the theme is “On the Road”.
It starts at 8 pm at Kriterion cinema, located on Roeterssstraat 170 in Amsterdam.

For more information and the full program:

Norwegian Airlines

Getting positive feedback from people who’ve seen my film during their flight! Here’s a picture I received from someone who flew with Norwegian Airlines!




“Ceiling” Exhibition Photos

Here are some photos of the animation video-exhibition “Ceiling” at the Solyanka VPA museum in Moscow, where Bears on the Road was invited to be screened for two months.

CAFCY 2015

In July Bears on the Road was screened at the Countryside Animafest in Cyprus, it was invited to be a part of the Children’s Program.


Exhibition “Ceiling” Moscow

On the 22nd of july the Solyanka VPA (video/performance/animation) museum in Moscow opened their new animation video-exhibition “Ceiling”.
I’m proud to announce that Bears on the Road was invited to be one of the shorts that is exhibited there for two months!

Norwegian Airlines!

More exciting news! In addition to it’s selection to the film program on Ethiopian Airlines, Bears on the Road has also been selected to the july to september film cycle on Norwegian Airlines!!

Bears on the Road at Wiz-Art

This sunday, May 24th, Bears on the Road will be screened in Lviv, Ukraine! It’s part of the Shorties program at the annual International Short Film Festival, Wiz-Art!

More info and the full program here: http://wiz-art.ua/festival/en/news/shorties/